Come Journey with Me

Keshua Lee playing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Crystal Tones.

Sound Journeys and Shamanic Journeys

I have been playing percussive music for over 30 years. I have been performing Ritual Shamanic Healings, Group Sound Journeys & Private Sound Healings since 2016. My Practice involves using a large variety of percussive instruments, flute and alchemical crystal singing bowls and comes from decades of experience, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, and Spiritual Initiations of a Sacred Lineage. In our Sound Journeys I incorporate my Consecrated Medicine Drum, and Consecrated Medicine Rattles. 

Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls

I am Blessed to be a Bowl Keeper for a unique Set of Advanced Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. The resonances and energies from these bowls are absolutely remarkable, and are the creation of true Master Crystal Alchemists. Every Sound Journey and Healing Session is unique to the individual or group who is receiving The Medicine. Come with an open heart, an open mind, and allow The Medicine into you. 

First Time Client Discount

I am offering 25% off a Two Hour Reiki & Shamanic Sound Healing Private Session. Use coupon code: welcometoreiki in your Checkout when booking a Two Hour Session.


Q: What should I expect from Shamanic Sound Healing?

A:  You receive as much as you are ready to in each Session, hence each Session is very different. You may feel deeply relaxed. You may feel physical healing. You may experience the release of old patterns or thought forms. You may have revelations or visions of what you are to focus on, or need to change in your life. Know that once a layer of negative thought, trauma, or injury is removed, it allows another to be surfaced so as to to continue the healing at deeper levels. Healing and evolving oneself is a process to be treasured and nurtured. The benefits expand and resonate outward from us into our own lives, and into the lives of all whom we touch.