I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, and integrate Reiki Healing, Spiritual Consecration, and Energy Work in the making of all of my jewelry. The Custom Medicine Jewelry is made by hand selecting the semi precious stones, gems, minerals, and metals based on their energetic resonance. The resonances I work with are healing, elevating, balancing, and/ or transformational properties. I create each piece, based on the specific needs of the Client. 

Only Medicine Jewelry where all the elements harmonize and work together will leave my shop. This is a unique aspect of my work with energies and medicine, and my Promise to You. The resonance of the crystals, minerals, metals, and further Spiritual Consecration amplifies the energies of each piece. This all works to support the recipient in what they need or desire in their lives. 

I currently do custom orders in metal work with cabochons, beads, and unique metal smithing for large mineral and gem pieces. Please email me for more details, and to set up a consultation on your needs and desires. I make necklaces, hat crowns, earrings, rings, bracelets and more.


Keshua, it is spectacular.
It's like a long lost part of me has been returned to its rightful place. Tears.
Thank you for creating this. It could only be from another Sister. You are magical.
I see that the Priestess in the Stone if you follow one outline is with child. They are in a fairy wood.
The garnet is rich and bloodlike and the green stone is eternal new growth.


Keshua!! I really have No words!!! My ring arrived last night, it’s So beautiful and it’s energy is amazing!!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart!  



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