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Upcoming Sound Journeys

Past Events

Heart Opening Sound Journeys with Cacao and Yoga Nidra with Keshua and Shannon Snow:

Dec 6th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

Jan 6th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

Jan 13th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

Jan 20th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary

Jan 28th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary

Feb 24th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

March 10th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

March 21st 7-9PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

April 6th 2-4PM Divine Bodies Healing Arts, Arvada, 

April 7th 2-4PM Vali Soul Sanctuary 

April 19th 7-9PM The Orchard, Fort Collins 

May 14th Couscious Breathwork with Gurpreet, Starhouse Boulder

June 23 Sonic Bloom!

July 12th 7-9PM The Orchard, Fort Collins

The Shamanic Dolls Solstice Ball: A Full Moon Fairy Tale
Dec 21 2018
Circus COllective, Denver CO

Ecowakening with We Dream Dawn
With featured guests Bridget Law and Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival
The Oriental Theater, Denver CO 2017

Wellness Oasis at Oregon Eclipse Festival, OR
August 18th-23rd, 2017 Reiki Healing daily at the Wellness Oasis
August 23rd, 2017 Sound Healing and Closing Ceremony

Lightning in a Bottle, Bradley CA
RootFlute Sound Journey and Live Sets
May 25th: Live Set 9:30-10:30 at the Beacon
May 27th: Live Set 8:30-9:30 at the Beacon
May 28th: Sound Journey 10:30-12:30 at the Lodge

RootFlute Sound Journey
La Paz, San Marcos, Guatemala
every Sunday Jan-Feb 2017 12-2PM

Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala  
RootFlute Sound Journey
January 1st 2017
& accompanied two yoga classes new years morning

Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala
Eric Mandala
December 29th 2016

Michael Garfield, Johannes Rath, RootFlute & Keshua Lee
Shine, boulder
Nov. 2nd 2016

Ishkah Retreats
Oct. 16th-18th 2016 Full Moon Hot Springs retreat
Mnt Princeton, Nathrop, CO
For more info:

Xerephine and friends
Green Beer Fest, Boulder CO
Oct. 1st 2016

I had the honor of joining Dan Hansen for part of his RootFlute Sound Journey Tour in October 2016.

Oct 6 Los Angeles, CA private event
Oct 8 Venice CA private event
Oct 9 San Luis Obispo, CA
Oct 12 San Francisco, CA
Oct 13 Nevada City, CA
Oct. 22. Trinity hot springs, Paradise ID
For his full tour info:

Sister Winds Festival

Healer at Healing Sanctuary
May 27th-May 29th 2016
Loveland, CO  


Current Special Offering for new clients

In Boulder I am offering new Reiki clients 60 minutes sessions for $50 and 90 minutes for $75.

A package of four 90 minute sessions is $350.00