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Shamanic & Vibrational Healing

 I have been playing percussive music for over 30 years. I have been performing Ritual Shamanic Healings, Sound Journeys & Private Sound Healings since 2016. My practice involves using Consecrated Instruments, and comes from Decades of Experience, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, and Spiritual Initiations of Sacred Lineage. In our Sound Journeys I incorporate a large variety of instruments, including my Consecrated Medicine Drum, and Consecrated Medicine Rattles. 

I am Blessed to be the Keeper of a unique Set of  Advanced Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, known as the Rainbow Elevation Chakra Set . Every Sound Journey and Healing Session is unique to the people receiving. Come with an open heart, and allow The Medicine into you.


Reiki Sessions & Healer Retreats

  I have been a Reiki Master since 1998 and offer Reiki Sessions, Private Individual  Reiki Trainings, and Healer Training Retreats at my Retreat House, in the mountains beyond Boulder CO.  I train and certify Reiki Level I, II, and III Practitioners. Using Traditional  Reiki of the Takata Lineage, I have helped hundreds of people heal mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This healing has been in relation to traumas, struggles, disease, injuries of body, injuries of mind, injuries of spirit, and healing of Past Life Karmas. Each Session is unique and I may be guided by Spirit to incorporate crystal bowl sound healing, soul guide work, in utero healing sessions, feather, rattle and/or drum medicine into any Session or Training.  


Medicine Jewelry

 I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, and integrate Reiki healing and energy work in the making of all of my jewelry. The Custom Medicine Jewelry is made by hand selecting the semi precious stones, gems, minerals, and metals based on their energetic resonance, and healing or transformational properties. I create each piece, based on the specific needs of the client. Only Medicine Jewelry where all the elements harmonize and work together will leave my shop. This is a unique aspect of my work with energies and medicine. The resonance of the crystals, minerals, metals, and further Spiritual Consecration amplifies the energies of each piece. This all works to support the recipient in what they need or desire in their lives. I currently do custom orders in metal work with cabochons, bead, and unique smithing for large mineral and gem pieces. Please email me for more details ,and to set up a consultation on your needs and desires. I make necklaces, hat crowns, earrings, rings, bracelets and more.


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